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In the workshop we use a mix of traditional tools and machinery to produce our furniture. Our happy place is with a Japanese saw or chisel in hand.

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With a background in design and further formal training Jane Inge has developed her wood workshop skills to design and create elegant furniture with an emphasis on contemporary clean lines and natural shapes.

We make to order based either on one of existing designs or a total new piece of furniture that suits you. We work with you from the initial concepts right through to the finished piece so that you see every stage of the process.

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We finish our furniture in a minimum of three coats of natural oil, oil/wax or (for pale coloured timber ) soap.


Our oil and wax finishes are sourced from the Natural House Company in Motueka, Nelson Bays and we make our own soap finish following traditional Danish methods.

For any product coming into contact with food we finish with our own food safe nourishing blend of mineral oil and beeswax. 


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